Western Outlaw Ranch is family-owned and operated.
We are located in the beautiful White Mountains of Arizona.

We specialize in raising rare and exotic animals. We have a wide variety of Kune Kune piglets, Karakachan mountain livestock guardian dogs, also known as Bear Dog, Bulgarian shepherds, Ovcarsko kuche and Thracian Mollos. The Karakachan bear dogs are very intelligent, vigilant, dominant, proud, brave and independent. We also raise English Labradors Retrievers, English Cream Golden Retrievers, and Australian Shepherd’s

We have sold our stock to Indiana, Ohio, Alaska, Texas, California, Skull Valley,
Prescott Arizona, Flagstaff, Mesa and more…

We also have Nigerian dwarf goats, they produce sweet creamy milk. Some of the health benefits of Nigerian Goat milk include easy digestion, far better absorption than cows milk, as well as superior absorption of vital vitamins and minerals, high in calcium and fatty acids, yet low in cholesterol. It has fewer allergen proteins and keeps skin healthy and glowing.
All our animals are registered and papered, trained with ?? commands. Our LGD dogs are working full time to protect our ranch. Raised and familiar with Horses, Pigs, Goats, Rabbits, farm equipment, cars and human socialization. Our puppies have natural herding and protective skills.

Dogs I breed here at Western Outlaws Ranch

Daisey Duke female English Golden Retriever

Outlaw Gordon male English Golden Retriever

Kayla Kay – Female English LABRADOR

Cowboy Gordon Male English LABRADOR 

Female Cattle Katie Australian shepherd

Male Australian shepherd Jessie James

Lagertha female Karakachans bear dog

Ragnar Lothbrook Karakachans male

Our 2 week old English lab puppies available 💋🐶😍 .That's what dreams are made of.Westernoutlawz.com Shipping is available at buyers expense

Posted by Garrett-Heather Gordon on Tuesday, December 4, 2018


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